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The art of grouping images of the same dominant colour with the intention of evoking a feeling and displaying a particular style or concept.


Moodboarding in context. 

Moodboarding is a curative process requiring detailed attention to pigment as well as texture and shape. The deliberate grouping and placement of each image allow for an element of sameness, continuity, and fluidity amongst the varied photos. Once accompanied with instrumentation, the visual and sonic stimuli bring the mind into a state of liberation and solace.


Her helping hand.

HerFashion editing: Creating visual content for websites and publications. 

HerArt direction: Conceptualizing fashion editorials and fashion films. 

HerWardrobe styling: Curating ensembles for photo shoots, campaign advertisements, and video shoots. 

HerPersonal styling: Selecting attire and accessories for formal events and public appearances. Wardrobe revamping, and personal shopping. 


Email all business inquiries to Sophie at


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Your feedback is appreciated. To request a mood or share your feels please leave a comment below.

Thank you & happy new year! 

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